5 Mistakes To Avoid When Pursuing Your Dream Career

I recently posted a 60 seconds video on the subject ‘5 mistakes to avoid when pursuing your dream career’ on our social media channels. You can watch the video here http://bit.ly/2NyohKK. It got more attention on Facebook and within 24 hours it had reached over 2000 people organically, had 12 shares, generated over 500 views and had over 50 comments. If you are posting on your business Facebook pages and boosting posts sometimes, you know what this means.

This was a breakthrough for us as a brand. And for a video that I waited and thought hard and even worried about posting it for various reasons this was a big deal. Not only was the video raw but it was unedited by a professional film maker. It was also too short for me and it had a background squirrel noise. Yes, a squirrel! I had waited almost a month before posting. That waiting time was more draining than anything as I was planning on a new venue and how to record a perfect video. Mind you, it’s the summer break and I have 3 active children at home with me. Working and giving the children full attention during this time is very challenging. Ever felt like pulling your short hair out? Some days are like that.

Anyway, the moral story of this introduction is that do not wait for perfection before doing anything you dream of accomplishing. From experience there is never that perfect time, moment and circumstances to launch a dream or start a project. You will never be ready too. Always remember that. It is usually a leap of faith that requires a fat courage and robust grit. And when you do things may go well or bad and you must have a thick skin for it. Don’t say no one told you this one. You may want to high light this line. But honestly taking this leap of faith is usually hard for most of us who want to see all the stars lined up before we make a move. Trust me I am the first on that list.
 Now let’s get to business. The main reason why I am writing this article is really to break down the points laid out in that short video so stay with me.

What does a dream career really look like and what are the 5 mistakes to avoid when pursuing it?

For some people a dream career is landing a job of their heart desire. For others, it is getting that promotion at the work place that they have aimed for years and for many more it is launching and growing their own business. Pursuing your dream career takes time, great resources and faith so it is important to identify the 5 mistakes that you should avoid when pursuing your dream career.
 1. Having a Fixed — mindset
 Mindset is everything if you want to achieve anything great. Need that job? Aiming for that position? Dreaming of launching and growing your own business? Check your mindset. Let’s talk more. There are two categories of mindset. There is the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. People with growth mindset believe that growth and development can occur when one learns and adapts. They are opened to new ideas and willing to implement different strategies. Individuals with fixed mindset believe they know it all and that their intelligent is a natural trait. They are usually unwilling to learn and do less to develop their skills. Avoid the mistake of entertaining this kind of mindset.

2Not having a goal, a plan and a strategy.

Your goal is a desired attainable result. It is specifically what you want to achieve within a period of time with clear ways of measuring the results. Your goal must motivate you else you will feel frustrated, be overwhelmed and even give up. Your plan is a road map of achieving your goal and your strategy is how you are going to do it.
 What does all of this mean? For instance, say your dream is to land a specific job.
 Goal: Land a job interview / Get hired
 Plan: Volunteer, intern or revise resume to reflect required experience + learn interview skills
 Strategy: Search and Apply for jobs online, offline, network, attend job fairs and follow up on job applications
 3. Unwillingness to do the work 
 Trust me, everything worth achieving demands working hard and smart for it. There is a famous debate about working hard versus working smart. Whatever you believe in the key word is work for what you want. Want to launch and grow a side hustle? Work! Whiles I personally do not like the term ‘hustle’’ for whatever reason the truth is there is work to be done during your weekend for example. You can’t be only be talking, dreaming, journaling, attending workshops, participating in webinars and sleep through then wake up and see a business standing tall in your name. Remember the people whose success you admire did not become successful out of sheer luck, wish or magic but they burned the midnight oil whiles others slept, snored and stretched. So, what am I saying? It is excellent to read, attend workshops and participate in events but the real work begins after you have been shown the way if you want real results so wake up and do the work! Period. Complain less and take action towards the direction of your dream career path. When one step fails, take another and another until you get to the point you’ve been dreaming of.
 4. Being complacent 
 When things are going well or not going so well, we can be tempted to be complacent. Complacency is being too pleased or satisfied with yourself. You are being complacent when you feel you do not need to do anything about a situation that uncertain and one that you are not satisfied. When it comes to your career, deliver yourself from complacency by learning more about your field, sharpening your skills and finding creative enthusiastic ways to be a better version of yourself. Need that job- What skills and experience do you have? Want that promotion-how have you worked lately? Planning to launch that business-have you done your homework like conducting a market research? You have the answers.
 I know what you are thinking. What if you have done all of that and still feel stuck in your career or don’t see any results yet? I say wait for the rain and the sun to shine on you to blossom. When a farmer has assessed the dirt and planted he or she waits for the rain and sun from above. That only comes from above. The sunshine comes from above alone.
 5. Losing hope and giving up too soon
 There is going to be periods or seasons in your personal and professional life that are stressful, confusing, frustrating, difficult and overwhelming but don’t lose hope and give up yet. I know this is easier said than done especially when life hits you hard in the face and worst of all you fall big and flat and you just want to bury your face in the ground. In this case who wouldn’t want to get up and run or even surrender? The temptation can be strong but before you write off your dream, before that marathon to hide in some perceived place of comfort and solace, give yourself one more chance to pursue that dream or goal. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Keep pushing and trust that your maker got you covered.