A Journey To Self-Discovery


                                      How helping others is changing me

I stared at our new website www.greightcompany.com today in awe and pure admiration. I had goose bumps. I also felt tears well up in my eyes and threatened to trickle down my chubby cheeks. Tears of pride and joy. We did it again! It was a team’s effort.


Last Fall, we lost our website. Completely. No backup files to trace or lean on. I was shocked and shattered for days. Weeks.  Months. Like anything else, I know my business will go through something at some point but I did not anticipate that we will lose our website at a point where I felt we needed it most and after I had invested so much time, effort and money to get it to where it is. I knew it was the time to put my thick skin on and to wear my thinking cap for a moment. How were we going to function until when we can come back online? I had to learn to still be in business without a website until we can get back on our feet again.


But here we are with another face and with improved features. Still in its initial phase with lots of touch ups and fine- tuning to be done but it looks ‘clean, neat and has a professional feel’ according to my mentor and friend who I asked to review and give me feedback before we launched it.




So today I sat down to think critically about Greight Company and why I started it in the first place.

A decade ago, the idea and name slipped in my thoughts as I tossed sleeplessly on a mat at night. I had just graduated college and was serving a Travel Consultancy firm- X-plore  Voyages. I saw the need to help French students translate their documents from French into English, craft CVs and resumes, write Job application Letters and also help them look for jobs and internship opportunities whiles they studied English.

That idea has evolved over the years. Wherever I found myself, my goal has always been to help people I meet identify their purpose, set personal or professional goals and then support them achieve those goals.

When work and family took me to Japan in 2010 and back again in 2018 for example, I would teach English and French to Japanese nationals who wanted to master either language. I also found myself encouraging my students and clients to pursue their career dreams and also help them write resumes, prepare for Job Interviews in English and help stay-at-home moms start their own businesses whiles they care for their children.


        Who I have become and what I am becoming because of Greight

Today I have a cause that I believe strongly in and work for-Greight Company-A career consulting firm. It’s been a decade since I started the journey. It hasn’t made me a millionaire, but it has made me rich in many ways that money cannot afford to pay for it. A good number of business owners rave at how they are making millions after starting and running their own businesses, but I am sorry to let you know that I am not one of them.

Not Yet.

Will I? I don’t know but I believe anything is possible when you dare to help people with a pure heart.


But I can testify that starting and running a business is shaping me into becoming the best version of myself E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.

It is giving me the opportunity to learn more about myself, understand others and to get out of my comfort zone to connect with people, teach, lead and support them to be the best version of themselves too. The more I research, learn and pass on knowledge to empower others to make smart career choices and take bold steps towards attaining their career goals, the more empowered I feel myself to push forward.




                  Increased Feeling of Empathy, Positivity and Hopefulness

I have also grown to have more empathy for others. I see myself being thoughtful, more caring, helpful and most importantly supportive of others as they learn to chart their own career course and take steps to advance in their careers.

Want to know more? I am more positive, hopeful and helpful so I can better serve others. I do not only train and coach. I also help job seekers craft resumes, search and apply for jobs and prepare them to ace their job interviews with confidence. It is the results of course makes me feel positive and hopeful.

Just this week I received two emails

Ameley said ‘I am so excited!!!!  I just want to let you know that I have been offered two Lead positions. I accepted the one that gave me a better offer’. I cannot thank you enough for all of your support especially for helping me with my resume and coaching me for my job interview’.

Benedicta also had this to say ‘I have completed all my initial training for my new job and I am so happy that I am doing what I want to do. Thank you so much for your help’



        Polished Leadership Skills

Apart from the joy and fulfillment I get from what I do, managing a career consulting firm has also helped me polish my leadership skills. I have learned to lead my own life first by developing healthy habits like commitment, dedication and self-discipline. A leader also envisions and takes initiative to grow others and I see myself doing that.

Problem Solving Skills

At every stage of one’s life and career are thorns of problems in your face and lap. When I work with employers and or supervisors to develop and implement training plans for employees, I often find myself putting out fires and spending more time helping solve people problems. The issues usually come in different sizes and nature. However, the more problems I solve, the more experience I gain and the more tough I become. This also makes me a better trainer and performance coach.

        Learning to Sell

For a business to thrive, it must be able to sustain itself financially. The only way to do that is learn how to sell solutions to the people who need them. Selling intangible product is not an easy feat. Over the years I have learned to season my offer solutions so we can keep standing tall as we help others.

        Deeper connections with servant heart

I get the chance to connect with a good number of people from different backgrounds and goals. Many of whom usually need an increase dose of motivation, clarity and want to tap into our resource and support system. This means I have to learn to connect with people at a deeper level by listening to understand because each and every person’s career goal is unique and very important to me.

The art of listening, understanding and connecting with each person’s goal is what guides me to support each client to achieve their career goal whether is landing an ideal job, clocking a promotion at work, exceling at a new position or starting and growing a new business. And that is what is important to me as a person and a professional in my own space on this planet. To see people realize their potential in what they do as work and excel at it.

By: Pearl Alimo.

The author is a Training Consultant and Career Coach @ www.greightcompany.com

She supports job seekers, working professionals and emerging entrepreneurs to excel in their careers and work life.