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A Journey To Self-Discovery

                                        How helping others is changing me I stared at our new website today in awe and pure admiration. I had goose bumps. I also felt tears well up in my eyes and threatened to trickle down my chubby cheeks. Tears of pride and joy. We did it again! It was a

What Do People Who Succeed In Their Careers Do Differently?

Years ago, I remember praying fervently and doing everything in my best possible way to land my first dream job overseas. I revised my resume, created a job portfolio, searched online and offline for the job, went directly to the hiring agency to speak to the Human Resource Specialist, spoke to friends and neighbors to

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Pursuing Your Dream Career

I recently posted a 60 seconds video on the subject ‘5 mistakes to avoid when pursuing your dream career’ on our social media channels. You can watch the video here It got more attention on Facebook and within 24 hours it had reached over 2000 people organically, had 12 shares, generated over 500 views and had over

Start Strong! Looking for an effective way to manage your day?

Looking for an effective way to manage your day and make things happen? Start strong. Starting your day well matters if you want to finish well and strong. Here are few ideas on how to start your typical career day whether you are still searching, just started a new job, running a business or thinking

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