Career Planning

Choosing or starting a career can be confusing and frustrating. Daring to start your own business can be demanding. Our experienced professionals will walk you through the process and help you feel at ease and confident in achieving your goal.

This service is ideal for individuals thinking of what career to pursue in life or anyone starting their career life and whoever wants to reinvent themselves through new or multiple careers.

Why Career Planning is important

  • Career planning gives you the platform to think deeply and seriously about your life’s work.
  • The process helps you find out what you love to do, what you can do best and how to get someone to pay you for what you love to do.
  • It helps you take charge of your professional life.
  • You can steer your career life in the direction you want by planning carefully
  • Through Career Planning process you get to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and resources. This leads to discovering your potential.
  • Taking your time to plan your career gives you clear direction of where you want to go, how to get there, possible setbacks and most importantly how to tackle those challenges and achieve your career goal in life.

What to expect

  • In-depth knowledge and information on Career Planning
  • Critical Self-evaluation, brainstorming and planning sessions
  • Expert counsel and guidance on Career Goal Setting
  • Recommendations on volunteer opportunities, internships, job vacancies, college admissions requirements and scholarships, funding opportunities for small businesses.
  • Resources on how to succeed in your career life
  • Pitching your personality, skills and achievements to leverage your success in the corporate world.

Why you should be our client             

  • One-on one-consultation to assess your unique career needs.
  • Evaluation, Assessment and Pitching
  • Assistance in defining, crafting clear  and SMART career goals
  • Help to develop education or professional experience plan
  • Expert guidance on taking steps to achieve your Career goals
  • Creation of a Career Portfolio
  • Guaranteed support through the very end.

How do I get started?

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