Dream Career Course Synopsis

My Dream Career Course invites you to Plan, Prepare and Position yourself for your dream career journey. So, whether you are still in school, recently graduated, unemployed, employed but unhappy or happily employed you are welcome to explore this course and take steps to create your possible dream career life. You have taken one critical courageous step towards building your career one step at a time.

Course Objectives / aims

  • Help participants understand careers and work life dimensions
  • Participants will learn to plan, prepare and position themselves for career success
  • Participants will explore the different factors that affect choice of careers
  • Gain skills to succeed in their career and work life
  • Develop career success winning habits

Course Format

This course has three modules. In each module there are different lessons and activities.

Module 1- Planning your personal and career life

Module 2- Preparing yourself to start a career

Module 3-Positioning yourself for career success.

Where and when does learning take place?

This course is totally online. There is no special software for this course. However, participants /students will need to have a computer, access to internet, a working email, a skype or Google hangout account so they will be able to communicate with the course instructor. Students can login in at any time to see course information or complete tasks.

The hybrid version of this course will require students / participants to complete some portion of the course on- line prior to meeting face-face with course facilitator.

 How long is this course for?

This course is for 4 – 6 weeks and is self-paced. Students can choose times to read course materials, complete assignments and book appointment to communicate with instructor.

Course Expectation

Course participants are expected to participate fully in the course, complete tasks and communicate with instructor if they need to, be able to check their emails and respond when they must.


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