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Looking at the right place at the right time for a job is key. Our team teaches you how to search every corner with an eagle eye for your dream job and help you through the entire job application process. So whether of starting work right after graduation or you are tired of your old job and want a new life, thinking of transitioning from the military to civilian world, thinking of relocating or already relocated we got you covered. This service is designed to help you land a dream job and live the life you want.

 Why seek assistance in searching and applying for a job?

  • You have a wide range of job opportunities
  • You have various options
  • You can pick the best one that suits you
  • Helps avoid job hunting mistakes
  • Saves you time
  • Your application is reviewed by a professional to avoid common mistakes and reduces chances of rejection
  • Your application is fine-tuned and pitched
  • Different pairs of eyes are looking whiles you are even sleeping

Why you should be our client

  • One-on one-consultation to assess your unique skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses
  • Assessment and evaluation of your chances
  • Resume evaluation and fine-tuning to match the job description
  • Creation of a Career / Job Portfolio
  • Assistance in the entire Job application process (filling application forms, writing application letters/cover letters/philosophy statements and or crafting knowledge skills and abilities statements
  • Interview Prep and coaching
  • Benefits negotiations
  • Post Interview Thank You Notes
  • Interview Follow Up
  • Support and guidance on how to keep your job, get a pay rise and early promotions

How do I get started?

Submit a request by emailing us at

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how can we help you?

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‘Great service. My resume was very well written. I am definitely happy with the service and I appreciate your professionalism. Thank you!’.

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