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Our Training Consultants conduct Live Workshops on various Career related topics including  Business Development and Organizational growth in different cities in the United States and around the world.

  2019 Workshop Calendar

June 2019

    Career Goal Setting: Learn how to envision, craft a career mission statement, set smart goals and take actions to achieve your careers.

July 2019

      Personality and Careers: Learn the different personality traits, understand who you are and how your unique personality traits affect your career.

August 2019

Career Planning: Learn how to plan, start and build your dream career (a career that brings your joy, fulfillment and financial stability.

September 2019

    Prepare yourself for today’s job market: Learn what employers are looking for in today’s job market and how to prepare adequately.

October 2019

            Job search process and job application procedures: Learn how to search, find and apply for your dream job. Give your application a professional touch

November 2019

        Resume and CV Writing: Learn how to write a professional and resume that cannot be ignored. Get answers to questions like what do employers look out for and how do some resumes never get picked or which resumes are selected and why.

December 2019

       Coaching Your Employees To Achieve Success : Learn how to effectively coach your employees to get the job done and grow your team and organization or business.


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